About Sigma~Summit

"Sigma~Summit" is a meeting place where those who don't quite understand themselves can discover their identity and find their way.

An interpersonal personal refuge of reflection and clarity of mind where dominant men who never could quite "fit-in" with the mainstream society can congregate and share knowledge and experiences.

This is also a place where anyone who feels "left out" will be heard. A place of sincere support and compassion.

Self-improvement and overcoming the challenges and struggles of life are encouraged here and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God is the very foundation and source of this blog's Inspiration and Motivation.

I'm no perfect man but I'm striving for perfection. Everything I say or mention to people applies to myself ten-fold. I'm preaching to myself here too.

Sigma~Summit is a collection of experiences, a long-lasting database of information, personal experience and advice for Sigma males who have walked, are walking, or will walk the life paths you and others may also.

Sigma~Summit aims to be a gian storehouse of relevant information compiled for your personal benefit.

Use everything here to further complet and finish your own personal purposes, goals and missions in God's Will. Amen.

You do NOT have to be a biological, natural, socio-sexual rank “Sigma male” to benefit greatly from this blog. A lot of the content is beneficial for introverted, loner, outsider, and vagabond types.

After all, Sigma is the “Alpha” of introverts.

ANYONE who comes here can benefit from something it’s just that this blog centers on the “Sigma male identity” (I know, seems “self-serving”) but is also intended for ANYONE (mostly men, *some women*) who actively strive to improve their lives.

"Sigma~Summit" ultimately serves as a Sigma male DATABASE of information, knowledge and advice derived from personal experience that Sigma males may use freely and benefit from in their own time.

No matter how much I try to be 'Alpha' it's like an indifferent destiny. I was not meant to be Alpha and can't live the Alpha life destiny.

The Sigma is a "Ghost" of an "Alpha Past".

Note: Sigmas are encouraged by the author of this blog to "save" and "record" their on Sigma knowledge and advice on personal print-out paper documents or notes to have for themselves instead of just digital, electronic document copies on a computer or online.

Remember: The digital world ("internet") will not always be available, so have paper copies of important information for yourself.

{I give Sigma~Summit readers and commenters complete permission to copy and paste any of my writings FOR FREE it's all freely-given information for the betterment of people's lives. You may cite the my name (e.g. "Ever Light" ) to give me credit for the source although it's not necessary unless you personally want to. Tell other people and Sigmas of this website if you want.}

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