Sigma Life Journey: Quest In Self-Development And Self-Improvement

The "glamorous appearance" and "extraversion" of the Alpha can be made manifest in the Sigma. All Sigma needs is an appropriate change in personal style and self-improvement in overall social skills and social dominance coupled with a likable 'extraverted" persona/personality and good social networking skills of making friends and allies. (Note: Also, a Sigma must gracefully, as a "social outsider," instinctually recognize and negate the attempts of people/competitors trying to make him the "beta" or "omega" in a new or unfamiliar social group or setting. By far that's the most common and hardest hurdle keeping Sigmas down in any social setting.)

The "inherit" natural qualities of Sigma is what needs to be focused on. Meaning, better "sociability" and instinctive experience of social dynamics with people and GROUPS of people is the game-changer for Sigmas.

Thing is, many Sigmas often are not as familiar or comfortable being the leader of the social group setting as NATURALLY AS THE ALPHA IS because Alpha's whole life is practically formed around his relationships. That's one of Sigma's biggest obstacles to overcome in my opinion.

Being alone to yourself most of your life can make "group living" a more challenging transition for Sigmas comfortable in the solo life; however the goal is achievable.

I'm no specialized "expert" of Game because I prefer to keep things plain 'n simple and as natural as possible "to the point" for immediate results in REAL LIFE. (Note: My FAITH in my Lord and Savior, GOD ALMIGHTY, *Lord Jesus Christ*, is my "expertise".)

Question: You think many Alphas had to read Game blogs to be successful with women and their social, personal, business and professional lives in the past?

Answer: No. Alphas, since middle to high school, acted naturally in their behaviour with women and the betas at school. They did not deliberately come up with some "strategy" for all this. The Alpha Social Nature naturally grew up in them as they grew up, got older and more socially-experienced with people and relationships.

With regards to Sigma male development, TRANSCENDANCE INSTEAD OF MERE ASCENDANCE IS THE GOAL. To learn and grow continually in life is the Sigma's Main Ambition. Manifesting the best of the Alpha male with the Sigma male is a ideal combination to reap a lot of rewards and self-fulfillment.

As a Sigma man, it would be wise and beneficial to write notes of all your personal weaknesses and flaws to critique, improve and "harden yourself" against frail personal weakness. Amen.


On the lifetime endeavor of personal "self-improvement"  if Sigmas focus on anything it should be in:
  1. the natural cultivation of instinctive social skills and ALPHA SOCIAL DOMINANCE.
  2. first-hand personal experience in social dynamics (and "social politics") of people and relationships.
  3. "natural" or instinctive social-networking skills for making, keeping and maintaining relationships with friends and allies to build social groups/circles.

There is NO shortcut. The best way to learn is from personal EXPERIENCE. TRIAL and ERROR. DO or DO NOT. There is no "textbook" way. You must learn from personal experience (I'm also preaching to myself here of anything I say in this blog) to be most effective APPLYING THE KNOWLEDGE in REAL LIFE.

I am sharing this information because I am usually a loner who does not want this information from personal experience to just "die with me" without being shared with society and the public in hopes that my life experiences could be useful to at least a FEW PEOPLE who will USE everything I've shared to BETTER THEIR LIVES and SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE with OTHER PEOPLE. Amen.

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