Sigma Conference: Staying Out Of TROUBLE (e.g. Police, Street Punks, and "Problematic People")

Staying out of trouble is no "game". One foolish mistake can and will end your life. Lets share helpful/useful advice, tips and habits for staying out of trouble. Constructive criticism is always welcomed long as it's "constructive". No put-downs or ignorant responses are welcomed here. Just sincere, thoughtful and considerate counsel for helping each other out.

Lets discuss.
If you walk by "friendly-looking" cops (most cops are usually betas) act kind and have a friendly attitude and behavior around them and smile.

Even though they are in the social status position of authority you are still the dominant man and the betas by themselves in challenging situations will look up to you as the leader (i.e. "Alpha") to guide them through.

That's why you be good and get along with the police on good terms so you they know you and you know them so that if you get in trouble or in the "wrong place" at the wrong time they may believe your side of the story.

Beta men do not really want to deal with an "altercation" with a thug Alpha/Sigma male so just at least "pretend to be good." You are already the dominant man and that socially-artificial status tile of "police officer" does not change a "beta" into an "Alpha"; they'll look up to you as the dominant man so lead by example treating all the people around with respect and kindness in firm resolve to handle problems still with a positive, good attitude and people will respect and look up to you for the leadership even though you are not the police officer.

Strategize, strategize, strategize. What sense does it make to be the a-hole jerk who's always getting into trouble over trivial nonsense like gang affiliation, selling drugs and all manner of crime when that counts against you with you ending up shot dead or going to prison (NOT jail) for 10+ years to life?

That does NOT make sense. So be aware of your relations with others (especially cops). If the (beta) cop appears to be more "insecure" or "submissive" in your presence that should be your sign to play the "Good Alpha" act (that everyone likes) and get along with everybody that being the "Jerk Alpha" (that girls are "attracted" to but dislike in some ways as most people dislike except, goofy moron jerks).

Game the System but do your best to be your real "genuine self" at it otherwise so people may sense your behavior as a "pretending act" instead of your real behavior.

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