Reflective Thoughts of the Sigma Male

What's your thoughts about the "Sigma male"? All thoughts and comments are welcomed for discussion:

Sigmas have extra obstacles to break the "mold" to overcome their fatigued, "worn-out" personalities to have better social skills and dominance on par with the average Alpha.

In many ways Sigmas aren't "exuberant" happy, talkative characters BUT I've come to discover that b/c of this Sigmas are like pre-jaded, "tired" Alphas who never were able to bask in a comfortable setting to express their dominance as a "King". Their lives are filled with challenges, obstacles and pain that are usually "deeper" that the masses on some level. They devote all their energy to fixing the problems that arise in their lives and don't have "recovery time" to relax in their dominance with a more "upbeat" attitude of the relaxed Alpha.

Alpha is dominant male placed in ideal social circumstances "accommodating" their top status so they can give orders to subordinates and have others do their bidding, Sigma is dominant male placed in less than ideal social circumstances of poverty, drugs, alcohol, bad neighborhoods, neglectful childhoods and have to "work" themselves out of a hole where most of their energy goes so they have no illusions about the hardships of life.

Everything they got they had to WORK FOR and put up with other people's foolishness, bad decisions and still make a positive outcome out of it, so the "worn-out" Sigma's persona which causes him to lack social dominance is b/c their introversion is used to overcome problems that require a lot of energy and the last thing he wants to do is entertain a lot of people who don't have nothing interesting to say in pointless "chit-chat". That's a hunch why they aren't usually up to the best of their ability when interacting with others, they're NOT AT THEIR BEST, they are worn-out and tense over getting past challenges and don't feel the bother to "talk" much.

Alpha has challenges but it's more "borderline" stream of issues (some of which they bring on themselves for foolish decisions) that are fixed with help from others and social resources.

Sigmas usually don't have that luxury and have to get problems done by themselves the "hard way" with a little help from reluctant others (family, friends, etc.). Sigmas have to OVERCOME the World, while Alphas CONQUER the World.


  1. This is interesting stuff and pertinent too .

  2. Reading this , i thought about the diference betwen survive and trive/prosper I feel like i'm a surviver that only continues to survive but not prosper .
    I had a harsh childhood and i live until today in a poor interior city in Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil , i'am 22 years old and still in my parents house , is very hard for me to fully respect my father and my mother since both are always drunk or screaming curses against eachother . These are my obstacles , i have a finacial problem and a family to fix . Until there i hope to find tips to thrive aginst all this with your experiences.