Saturday, March 18, 2017

Alpha And Genetics

There are no “beta, delta, gamma, omega or lambda” genetics.

Do not take the “alpha genetic traits” concept out of context to think there are each individual genetic traits for each human male socio-sexual hierarchy rank.

Although to my knowledge there has been no conclusive DNA research done on human male socio-sexual hierarchy rank genetic traits there is research on the “warrior gene” giving plausible credit to the idea of the natural “alpha genetic trait” (link).
Alpha and Sigma males are outliers at the top of the human male socio-sexual hierarchy.

Sigma Social Game: "Chameleon Game"

The Sigma in a typical social setting is a real “master of disguise” blending in like a chameleon in the crowd when he chooses to keep a low (social) profile.

“Chameleon Game” is basically fitting-in with the social norms and rituals of the social group and situation of people naturally without “overthinking” or strategizing.
You are just being the natural person you are appropriately without any outlandish Sigma-esque moves that people would find “bizarre and strange” and make them uncomfortable. Ha!

ALPHA PRESENCE: "It's In Your Eyes And Body Language Composure"

If you have “intense-looking” eyes you may need/want to avert your gazed slightly (looking down) with a calm, friendly face with calm eyes when looking at people who might be “off-set”, intimidated or made “shy” by your intense eyes’ focus.

The “Alpha” In Sigma And The “Sigma” In Alpha

True Sigmas and true Alphas often share their opposite counterpart traits throughout their lives.

Alpha is social and sexual equilibrium.

Sigma is sexual success with a “social defect” (in socio-economic capital) or a “social handicap” in social acceptance and community and overall social hierarchy group status.

A Sigma at times may feel a need to express his inner Alpha and LEAD people, organizations and projects.
An Alpha may have “Sigma moments” at times and feel mentally or socially-isolated from his own tribe (though he is the AMOG "leader") because he may not be around other dominant men (like other Alphas and Sigmas), that would “understand” his personal life challenges as the tribe’s “chief”.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sigma "Hibernation"...

Hello all... it's been quite some time since I've gotten back to the ole blog.

God-willing hoping to update some good content and information in times ahead.

I haven't forgotten about this "work" I've started online.

It shall be a "Sigma masterpiece" over time...

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sigma Life Experience: Going Through Personal WEAKNESS...

As a Sigma man when you are in WEAKNESS and you are rejected by society because of your (evil)-doing; society's doing or a combination of the two; you ought to stay as HIDDEN and ISOLATED from other people as you can until you can recover your spiritual, mental and physical strength and think with a CLEAR MIND without anger, hatred, jealousy/envy and confusion clouding your mental JUDGMENT. Amen.

Sigma Life Experience: The Social COST Of A "Dislikable Personality"...

If you have a "dislikable personality" and people "don't want to be around you" because you are an arrogant (hot-headed) "know-it-all" people will resent you and want you to stay SILENT, be QUIET and virtually treat you like you "don't exist" or you don't matter like as though "banished by the Tribe" so-to-speak.

That's why you have to watch out for yourself and take care of yourself FIRST because NO ONE else will care or help you out in your personal troubles.


That's why to reach to people who might ignore you, you may have to speak to someone the people *like* to indirectly *share your message* to the people or person(s) you intend to reach. Amen.

Sigma Life Experience: The Expectation Of LEADERSHIP...

As a naturally-dominant Alpha or Sigma man people look up to you and "expect" you to do the "heavy lifting" of the burdens of LEADERSHIP; leading the people by action, example and word.

And if you fail, falter, become weak or "mentally-disoriented" in your life, the same people become "upset" and "disappointed" with YOU; and so disregard and REJECT YOU in tribal fashion as you "lose respect" and admiration from them and they may think, "Uh-huh, you're not as good as we (you) thought you are. You're not an "extraverted" likable Alpha male but a "lone wolf" floater of society."

You are ostracized as a "fallen" lone wolf character banished from the Tribe as expectant "leader" from your temporary lapse of personal weakness in everyone's sight and eyes. Amen.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sigma Social Game: "Leave FIRST..."

As a Sigma man be the FIRST person to leave any social setting when you perceive yourself to be the "most disliked" person in the social setting; so you can avoid the awkward, negative social "spotlight" position of being the last "unfavourable person" to speak "hi" or "goodbye" when addressing the social host of the group or the people audience... Amen.