Sigma Values

Feel free to mention more Sigma values in the comments.
On Sigma Values (Most Important to Least in order):
1. Freedom
2. Independence
3. Interdependence
4. Truth
5. Humility (instead of Pride which leads to the Sigma Value of HONOR (KJV Proverbs 29:23))
6. Solitude
7. Integrity
8. Dignity (personal self and of life, creation; creatures)
9. Respect
10. Passion
11. Compassion
12. Meaning
13. Love

I think "silence" is a quality Sigmas favor in most social situations but not so much a "value". An undisturbed SOLITUDE is more of a universal Sigma value than mere silence.

Another important value that has been almost neglected is the value of TRUTH in the Sigma mindset of reality.
A matured Sigma comes to realization of search for TRUTH which is ultimately ONLY found in God's Word -- the KJV (King James Holy Bible). Life and existence must be understood and "realized" to have meaning in our short existence on earth. "Altruism" does not do it: DUTY is the more defined term.
Same can be said for "philosophy" which is always subject to personal bias or beliefs not always grounded on any universal beliefs or values that encompass all of humanity.
ONLY the Bible has stand the Test of Time and Will Always Be The ULTIMATE TRUTH.
Jesus Christ, the Living Word (KJV John 1:1-5, John 2:14), is the Ultimate Truth.
No philosophy or false "religion" or "book" has ever been as FACTUALLY ACCURATE and PERFECT in History.
The Bible is the Ultimate Knowledge readily available to thinking-minds ready to accept the TRUTH.
Nothing new about "life" or "people" will ever be discovered. The Book of Ecclesiastes and the ancients had it right, 'there is nothing new under the sun'.
Philosophy and "philosophical discussion" is more a Sigma interest than a value. Philosophy itself is only grounded on human knowledge, ideal and experience which history has shown is only full of error, bias and imperfection in lasting relevance through the years. TRUTH however, is FOREVER. Pain and suffering is reality and truth for man's sinful spiritual condition. The secular world labels it "Human Condition" when it really is the "SIN CONDITION".
Truth is a far more practical, lasting, real and relevant Sigma Value. No worthwhile jobs or causes have been made based solely on philosophy. Nor has philosophy ever really "paid back" its worth in capital in society after you get the college degree.

Side note:
[On Alpha Values]

Alpha Values are very much the same core values Sigmas value: Freedom, Independence, Interdependence, Respect, Honor, but are "socially-inclined" in nature because Alphas live within the social hierarchy and system of SOCIETY. (Note: Sigma is still a part of the "social system" at the "top" but he's an "outsider" in the functioning social system that Alpha lives within so his values are more reflected to himself than to people.)

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