Faith In God: The MOST IMPORTANT Page On Sigma~Summit

Hello fellow neighbors,

Glad you visited. If you have not admitted your guilt as a sinner to Lord Jesus Christ I sincerely suggest you do. I am the worst sinner; please come to God Almighty, JESUS CHRIST!

Lord Jesus Christ, God Almighty in the Flesh, came to earth and 1. died on the Cross so our sins would be forgiven. Jesus Christ 2. was buried and 3. on the third day Jesus Christ rose back to life.

This is called the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4).  The is the "Good News".

If you believe this in your heart your FAITH to Jesus Christ you are a sinner who needs His Forgiveness, you are saved and "spiritually re-born" with the Spirit of God that is namely called the "Holy Ghost".

See (**MOST IMPORTANT**): Are you saved? If not, I sincerely suggest you get saved. HEAVEN and HELL are REAL PLACES. Please don't find out the hard way; you will only end up in the "Bad Place" (e.g. Hell). Only those BORN AGAIN with the Holy Ghost shall enter into the Kingdom of God.

Please open your heart to the TRUTH. ONLY GOD can forgive sins beloved. We can't "right the wrongs" we've done.  

Regardless of the choice you (ultimately) make, know that God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ and I myself, do NOT want ANYONE to end up in the ETERNAL TORMENTS OF HELL!

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*Important Note: Always make sure your money is going to the "right place".