Sigma Anonymous Support Network

Lets help each other out:

The big things for Sigmas is to accumulate SOCIAL CAPITAL, WEALTH and RESOURCES, (great) social skills, and social interaction with society.

Just having good Game is not enough for a Sigma to be successful with attracting top quality women.

He needs SOCIAL CAPITAL and RESOURCES (like an Alpha) to be at his best SMP value.

Re-locating into better cities, towns and geographic areas that give certain advantages is the way to go.

Sigmas should know of the places where they can be most successful in and organize a plan to move there.

Most of all, PRAYER to God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ is needed to ask for strength and guidance in our uncertain times.

Sigmas should not let their freedom "disorient" them and constantly refocus on their life goals.

Sigmas should always save up surplus monetary deposits to last them a few years
while they look for new employment or start their own businesses.
These are the BIG questions "Sigma Game" boils down to:   

  1. How do Sigmas overcome and leverage their ("organic") social outsider status?
  2. How (do) can Sigmas "integrate" themselves into the social hierarchy and "naturally" nullify their socio-sexual outsider status?
I think these two related questions will require ongoing discussion for adaptable solutions and strategies in life.

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