Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sigma Personal Development: Your "PRESENT" Self-Aware Situational Awareness

As a Sigma man, when sitting down in a chair or a surface sit up straight in proper back-spine alignment posture and be physiologically alert and "SELF-AWARE" in situational awareness of your surroundings; as you sit and be keep your eyes alert and in concentrated focus in your body's coordinated movements and reflexes as your eyes focus into the electrical digital computer screen.

 The digital strain effect of the electrical radiation waves emanating from the computer screen can and will draw away your natural physical eye's natural focus in the EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT of the external physical REAL WORLD you need to be 100% percent PRESENT in at all times as best you can at those times you catch yourself, "lapsing" into laziness or a "break of focus".

It's not good to ever let yourself be in any compromised position of difficult WEAKNESS and vulnerability; because people can (and may) TAKE ADVANTAGE or YOUR FAULTS and FLAWS.

When you are diligent and 100% percent PRESENT and FOCUSED in every instance of your life to the best of your ability with the Help of Lord Jesus Christ; you can ENDURE and OVERCOME ALL OBSTACLES and CHALLENGES you FACE! Amen!

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